Scientific: Penstemon psuedospectabilis
Common: desert beard tongue
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Origin: Arid mountains Southern California east to Arizona.

Pronounciation: Pen-STE-mon psu-e-do-spec-TA-bi-lis

Hardiness zones:
Sunset 2-3, 10, 12-21
USDA 5-10

Landscape Use: Spring color, accent, landscape border, xeriscape

Form & Character: Rosetting to upright, stiff and rigid<./font>

Growth Habit: Short-lived herbaceous perennial, bushy and clumping with upright flower spikes, 4 feet tall.

Foliage/texture: Opposite, thick glabrous, clasping leaves, glaucous, serrate margins; medium texture.

Flowers & fruits: Flowers on a bolting spike, flower corolla to 3/4 inch long, bright rosy pink to purplish pink, scarcely 2-lipped, stamen sometimes bearded. Fruit a greenish capsule.

Seasonal color: Striking rosy pink flowers in March-April.

Temperature: Actively growing during cooler time of year.

Light: Full sun

Soil: Needs well-drained soil to avoid fungal root rots.

Watering: Regular supplemental water is needed, but at intervals that allow the soil to dry inbetween scheduled irrigations.

Pruning: Remove spent flower spikes unless harvesting seed.

Propagation: Seed

Disease and pests: Fungal root rots only if soil is poorly drained.

Additional comments: Wonderfully spectacular spring accent plant for desert and upper elevation Arizona city gardens. Will reseed some, which like other penstemon is to your advantage. Blooms a little after P. eatonii and P. parryi and is more cold tolerant.