Scientific: Punica granatum
Common: pomegranate
Family: Punicaceae
Origin: Southeast Europe to southwestern Asia

Pronounciation: Pu-NEE-ka gra-NA-tum

Hardiness zones
USDA 7-11

Landscape Use: Uses of this plant are cultivar dependent ranging from a small deciduous multiple trunk accent tree, garden fruit tree, background screen to dwarf formal hedge. Excellent for mesic and oasis designed landscapes and gardens with Spanish to oriental themes.

Form & Character: Formal, temperate, mesic, showy flowers!

Growth Habit: Deciduous shrub to small tree, slow to moderate ranging from 3 to 20 feet tall with somewhat ewqual spread.

Foliage/Texture: Leaves are very glabrous, light green in spring changing to deep green in summer, oblong to lanceolate to 4 inches. Also, has stipular leaves; medium texture.

Flowers & Fruits: Brilliant waxy flowers with partially fused petals, crinkled, calyx purplish, fruits subglobose, red, 2.5 to 5 inches in diameter, reddish purple pulp.

Seasonal Color: Pomegranate produces a brilliant, festive display of white, apricot, coral, vermillion-red flowers in April to May. Also, it displays a fiery yellow to orange fall color in more temperate climates and even some years in Phoenix (this image is from December 2010).

Temperature: Well-adapted, completely tolerant of Phoenix heat and cold.

Light: Full sun to partial shade.

Soil: Tolerant of alkaline soils.

Watering: Regular watering, though will survive handsomely under drought conditions.

Pruning: Can be pruned in many ways, cultivar and use dependent, prune after flowering.

Propagation: Softwood and hardwood stem cuttings.

Disease and pests: Aphids on succulent growth, spider mites.

Additional comments: This is an excellent deciduous landscape shrub for the Phoenix area. There are excellent dwarf cultivars for hedging and foundation plantings including 'Chico' and 'Nana'. 'Wonderful' is a large upright grower and is the best cultivar for edible fruit production. 'Tayosho', 'Nochi Shibari', and ' Legrelli' are double flowering and sterile. 'Alba' is a unique white flowering cultivar with white fleshy fruit.

Pomegranate fruits have many health benefits. Pomegranate trees are mentioned many times in the Bible.