Scientific: Rebutia fiebrigii
Common: Orange crown cactus, flame crown
Family: Cactaceae
Origin: High, dry, rocky grasslands slopes of the Bolivian Andes.

Pronounciation: Re-boo-TEE-a fee-brig-EE-i

Hardiness zones
USDA 8-11

Landscape Use: Small accent barrel cactus for formal desert gardens, container culture best in Phoenix.

Form & Character: Diminuative, compact, delicate, free flowering, beautiful.

Growth Habit: Perennial succulent, slow growing, globular cactus with age up to 3 inches in diameter and up to 4 inches tall. Stems ribes are straight to spirally arranged, tuberculate. Orange crown cactus can eventually grow in clumps to 5 inches wide, though rare in cultivation.

Foliage/texture: Stems rounded to globular, medium to dark green, numerous, short whitish spines at white aeroles; medium texture.

Flowers & fruits: Numerous simply amazing orange or bright vermilion tubular flowers to 1 inch wide; fruits tiny, spherical, berrylike, greenish-brown to purplish with white wool, bristly, often hidden among the spines thus somewhat inconspicuous.

Seasonal color: Late spring to early summer flowers, typically late April to early June in Phoenix.

Temperature: Heat tolerating to 110oF, cold hardy to 15oF. Stems turn purplish during colder weather.

Light: In Phoenix, some light shade during summer afternoons is required. Avoid locating this small cactus in a full western exposure especially with reflected light off western building exposures. Morning sun is best.

Soil: Tolerant, but a well-drained, coarse soil is preferred.

Watering: Orange crown cactus will need regular supplemental water during summer (especially if container grown) and little to no supplemental water during winter.

Pruning: None

Propagation: Seed, division of stem clumps, stem sections hardened off and directly placed into soil.

Disease and pests: Root rot in poorly drained soil.

Additional comments: This is an outstanding, delicate-looking, small, barrel cactus for formal desert cactus and container gardens.