Scientific: Scaevola aemula
Common: Australian fan flower
Family: Goodeniaceae
Origin: Australia

Pronounciation: Skee-VO-luh EM-yoo-luh

Hardiness zones
8, 9, 14-24, as an annual elsewhere
USDA 9-11

Landscape Use: Cool season bedding plant for garden accent, mixed flower border, edging, ground cover, container plant, hanging basket

Form & Character: Variable in form so use named cultivars, succulent, tender, mostly spreading.

Growth Habit: Upright to 10 inches in height, but at the same time prostrate and spreading gracefully to 3 feet.

Foliage/Texture: Fleshy, stems and leaves, alternate, elliptical with dentate margins on upper half of leaf lamina towards the apex; medium texture.

Flowers & Fruits: Profuse axillary blue flowers; fruits inconspicuous

Seasonal Color: In Phoenix, this wonderful accent bedding plant is best used as a "tweener", that is avoid the high heat of summer and the brief deep cold of December and January.

Temperature: Ideal temperatures range for best performance is 40o to 90oF, but can survive in the summer heat if planted in mass and well watered.

Light: Partial shade, absolutely no western sun.

Soil: Amend native desert soils with organic matter for best results.

Watering: Regular waterings applied at moderate amounts to maintain an evenly moist soil.

Pruning: Lightly head back to control spread or pinch to increase density. Otherwise, no pruning needed.

Propagation: Cutting or seed, easy.

Disease and pests: None

Additional comments: Australian fan flower is a cool season edging or border plant makes a nice floral accent when used in contrast with bright warm flower colors of many other annual species. It's great for containers and hanging baskets too. Only rarely seen in Phoenix. There are several named cultivars including 'Blue Fan'.