Scientific: Thymophylla pentachaeta (formerly Dyssodia pentachaeta)
Common: Five-needle prickly leaf, golden dyssodia, dogweed
Family: Asteraceae
Origin: Central and south Texas and South Carolina into northern Mexico

Pronounciation: Thy-mo-FIL-la pen-ta-cha-EE-ta

Hardiness zones

Landscape Use: Multipurpose border, edging, spreading ground cover, wildflower garden, flowering accent.

Form & Character: Freely matting carpet, prostrate, delicate, yet tough.

Growth Habit: Forb, herbaceous, freely reseeding annual to short-lived perennial in Phoenix, moderate to 4 to 8 inches tall with slightly greater spread. Use water to control growth rate.

Foliage/Texture: Pinntified to lobed, thread-like leaves that are extremely aromatic, foliage is glacous (grey) green and threadlike to filiform; very fine texture.

Flowers & Fruits: Small, yellow ray flowers to 1/2 inch in diameter, densely arrayed; fruits are small achenes, brown in color and insidiously inconspicuous.

Seasonal Color: Yellow flowers in spring and again in fall.

Temperature: More heat tolerant than Thymophylla tenuiloba. It struggles and looks stressed, but does not die out during the Phoenix summer.

Light: Full sun (best).

Soil: Tough and tolerant of all Phoenix soils, but grows best if soils are well drained.

Watering: Tolerant, none to frequent depending on how much you want this little plant to spread.

Pruning: Remove entire plants after bloom easily with a hula hoe.

Propagation: Another EASY PEASY herbaceous short-lived perennial grown from seed which germinate naturally in the fall when the weather cools below 80oF. If given half a chance, it can vigorously reseed and naturalize in Phoenix landscapes for years on end across your's and your neighbor's yard.

Disease and pests: None, though its prostrate habit makes a great shelter for ants.

Additional comments: Just like its cousin Thymophylla tenuiloba, five-needle prickly leaf is a free-spirited diminuative plant that is able to naturalize across your's and your neighbor's yard with little effort - so BEWARE! Because of this some consider this a noxious weed despite its cute ornament; highly aromatic foliage and flowers. Attracts butterflies.

URGENT NEED TO REPEAT MYSELF: This is one of those "you want it, you got it" plants.....use clear-minded discretion (no beer!) when deciding to plant (or sow) five-leaf prickly leaf in your yardscape. Your neighbors may or may not thank you someday. T. pentachaeta is a functional equivalent to T. tenuiloba in Phoenix landscapes.