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Scientific: Yucca gloriosa
Common: Spanish dagger, soft-tip yucca, Spanish dagger yucca
Family: Asparagaceae (subfamily Agavoideae)
Origin: Coastal plain of North Carolina to Florida

Pronounciation: YUK-ka glo-ree-OO-sa

Hardiness zones
7-9, 12-13 (avoid sun full and reflected radiation exposures), 14-24
USDA 8-11

Landscape Use: Accent, focal point, Spanish architecture, tropical to subtropical, classic mesic yucca.

Form & Character: Upright and arborescent, tropical to Spanish architecture, festive, imposing.

Growth Habit: Evergreen, soft wooded perennial, moderately upright to 10 to 15 feet, multiple trunk.

Foliage/Texture: Strap-like medium green leaves, 2.5 feet long by 2 to 3 inches wide, tapering to a sharp tip, somewhat bendable, loosely set on stems; coarse texture.

Flowers & Fruits: Panicles of greenish to cream to pink flowers followed by 6-ribbed fruits.

Seasonal Color: Cream white flowers usually from late April through mid June.

Temperature: Hardy to 10oF.

Light: Partial sun best, leaves can turn a general yellow color (photo inhibition) in full sun in Phoenix.

Soil: Tolerant

Watering: Only moderately drought tolerant, wet soil conditions produce black necrotic spots on leaves.

Pruning: Remove old leaves. Occasionally, 'skin' pruned like some clumping palm.

Propagation: Seed, though stem cutting root fast by merely sticking a large stem segment into the ground outdoors.

Disease and Pests: Spider mites

Additional comments: In Phoenix, Spanish dagger is a mesic yucca (native to a high rainfall southeastern United States climate) that often looks yellow and chlorotic in Phoenix when planted in full sun and/or mixed into a xeric low water planting theme.