Homework 1. (Due: Jan 29th, 2003) weight 100

Make a transcript of the relevant portions of the Roche-Genetics CDROM.
The relevant portion as identified in the class on 1/22/03 consists
of the subsections `Genes' and `Identifying Genes and their functions'
in the section ``Introduction to Genetics (Journey through the cell)''.
Your transcript need not have figures or pictures. You need
to cover the ``Deeper Level'' part.
(IMPORTANT: You must do this by tourself. You must not collaborate with
your classmates or look in the web for the transcript.)

Homework 2. (Due: Feb 12th, 2003) (Due date moved to Feb 17th) weight 200

Homework3. See the slides of 2/10/03. (Due: Feb 19th, 2003; moved to 24th.) weight 100

Homework 4. See the slides of 3/26/03. (Due 3/31/03) weight 100.