At this point I  envision three main kind  of projects:
  1. Analysis of micro-array data. This will involve data mining/machine learning.
  2. Data and knowledge integration over various biological databases available in the web.
  3. Reasoning and planning with pathways.

Phase 1

Literature and cyberspace survey and submission of proposal (Due: February 24th; moved to 26th) 10% of the project grade.

If your proposal is not approved by me you must submit another proposal at the earliest. The sooner you have your proposal approved, the more time you will have to work on it. Feel free to email me your project proposals. I will prefer simple ascii rather than attachments.

Phase 2

Intermediate report

(due March 12th; moved to March 26th; 20% of your project grade)

Phase 3

Presentation (during April,  20 % of your project grade). Most likely, no class presentations, but there will be individual
presentations during demo.

Phase 4

(due last day of class; demo during the following five days; 50% of your project grade)