Christopher Heckman's Pinball Links

CCH on machines, Proginoskes at VPForums

Visual Pinball

High scores on some machines:

Terminator 3    104,068,500
Roller Coaster Tycoon12,634,300
Monster Bash725,763,470
Revenge from Mars643,601,060
Cirqus Voltaire238,888,330

Bona Fide Pinball Machines

The Pinball Pasture

The Pinball Archive [Piehler's new page]   Rule Sheets
WMS Industries Inc.   Archives, dead link for The Lost Temple of DOHO
Cows and Easter Eggs
PinGame Journal Homepage
The Pinball Wizard
Internet Pinball DataBase [Good source for ROMs]
Pinball Zone: Manuals


Pinball Simulation (Except Visual Pinball)

The Tower of Pin
Martin Mathis's reviews for pinball simulations
On-line pinball


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