Profession -- Creative Activities


Media Consultant, Corporate Communications, 1985-Present. Business advertising, public relations and corporate video. UBDC-SBA Business Communications Consultant, 1983-1986. See, "Related Professional & Writing Activity," for selected project listings.

Corporate Communications Director, Philippine Imports 1986-87. Supervised in-house agency. Developed national advertising campaigns. Produced monthly video and print newsletters. Produced brochures, fliers, advertising and marketing materials.

Television Production, IBEW Sound Engineer, KIRO Television, Seattle, WA 1969-1981. News and production support.

Television News Reporter, KEZI Television, Eugene, Oregon, 1968-1969. General news and sports reporting. Anchored 10 P.M. sports.

Radio News Director, KSVN Radio, Ogden Utah, 1966-1968. Anchored morning drive time news.

Director, Ogden City Schools, KOET Television, 1966-1968. Production director for daily art, physical education and public affairs programs. Produced and anchored noon news.


Station Manager, KWCR-FM, Weber State University, 1966-1968. Developed new non-commercial station, initiated formats and operations, managed student staff of 15.

Station Manager, KWAX-FM, University of Oregon, 1968-1969. Managed student staff
of 25.

Faculty Director, KCMU-FM, University of Washington, 1971-1981. Developed new non-commercial station, drafted construction permit and FCC license, supervised music, managed student news programming and engineering staff of 45. Award winning student programming aired on NPR and acquired two National Epislon Rho Awards (drama and documentary categories). Worked with NBC Radio network in airing 1972 political conventions.

Faculty Supervisor, "Speakout," and "The Week's End," airing on KCTS-TV and Seattle Cable, two live student news and magazine programs, 1972-1981. Award winning student work produced three local Emmys and a national ATAS Award.

Curator, CBS-KIRO Milo Ryan Phonoarchives, 1970-1981. National collection of CBS World War II Radio Programming. Conducted historical program research for major
network program including the BBC Openheimer Documentary, 1980; the CBS Fiftieth- Year Anniversary Program, 1977 and numerous WWII dramatic presentations.

Telecommunications Coordinator, KUSU-FM, Southern Utah University, 1983-1986. Designed new University wide telecommunications facilities and grant outreach programs. Supervised live student programming, "Southern Utah News," "Color Country Weekend," and the "UBDC Report," all airing live on cable. Participated in first live University of Utah to Southern Utah University teleconferences.

Faculty Director, "Southwinds" Arizona State University , student news-magazine, 1989-1996. Award winning student work produced a local Emmy and numerous national Hearst and SPJ Awards.


Related Professional Creative & Writing Activity (for compensation)

"Whispering Hope Ranch," Promotional Video, Producer, Fall 2000.

"Parkstone-Medisoft," Computer Training, Producer, Summer 2000.

"CARE-7," Tempe Social Services, Training Video, Producer, Winter 2000.

"BRE: Meet the Management," Training Video. Producer, Fall 1999

"CLIP," Tempe City Schools, Promotions Video. Writer and Producer. Winter, 1999.

"The Stroke Saver," "Chip ‘N Pitch," Consultant for training video and cable advertising campaign. Fall 1998.

"The Calling of Canada's Brigham Young: Charles Ora Card," This People, 19:1 (Spring 1998) pp. 38-44. With Emma Godfrey-Knight.

"Bones," Bones Society Inc. Promotions Video. Writer and Producer. Spring, 1998.

"Team One Seminar," Summit Systems, Seminar Video. Producer. Spring, 1998.

"Select Suites," Extended Stay Hotels, Promotions Video. Write and Producer, Spring 1998.

"Tumbleweed," Center for Youth Development. Promotions video. Writer and Producer, Spring 1997.

"Resource Conservation and Development," Arizona Department of Agriculture Informational video. Writer and Producer. Spring 1997.

Dianna M. Smith, Candidate for Mayor of Scottsdale. Commercial spot production and media buy. Spring, 1996.

North Central Association, Commission on Schools. Informational Videos. "Transitions," "Outcomes," "School Improvement Endorsement," and "NCA," promotional video.
Distributed nationally. 1994-1997. Producer, writer, director.

International Training in Communication. Instructional Videos. "ITC: Speech Preparation," "ITC: Speech Presentation," "PREM -- Public Relations," "Training the
Trainer," "Extension & Membership." Distributed Internationally. 1995 & 1996. Writer & Producer.

Arizona State University, School of Justice Studies. Promotional and Instructional Video. "School of Justice Studies," and "Internship Orientation." 1995. Writer and Producer.

"Save Our McDowell Mountains," Political advertising campaign, Scottsdale AZ. 1995. Commercial producer & time buyer.

SW Services. Promotional Video. "Debris Cap." Distributed nationally. 1995. Writer & Producer.

Pomegranate Art Studios, Phoenix Lutheran Guild. Illustration Video. "Christian Art." 1995. Executive Producer.

Arizona State University Undergraduate Admissions. Promotional Video. "Arizona State University & You." Distributed nationally, Executive Producer & Writer, 1990. Revised and up-dated 1994.

"Canada's Brigham Young," Pioneer, 41:2 (March/April, 1994), 20-23.

International Verifact Inc. Sales and Training Video. "Verifact Spirit." Distributed internationally. 1994. Writer and Producer.

"Ramona Liston: Candidate for Congress," Vote Video, Writer and Producer. Distributed throughout Arizona 6th Congressional District, 1994.

Scottsdale Village Square, "Alzheimer's Care," Video, Cable television & print advertising campaigns, and General public relations consultant. 1993-1995. Producer and Consultant.

Truly Nolen Pest Control. Sales, Promotional and Training Videos, "Truly Nolen Termite Control," "Confirmation Process," "Feature Function Benefit," "Commercial Pest Control," and "Residential Pest Control." Distributed nationally. 1991-1993. Producer Writer.

"Myotherapy," Training Video (eight hours in length). 1993. Executive Producer. National corporate syndication.

United Broadcast Schools. Curriculum review, television studio design, modular facilities development and ability to benefit reports. General Consultant, 1988-90.

Reading and Learning, Seminars and Training Development. Writer and Administrative Consultant, 1989.

Rockford Corporation. Promotions video script. September, 1989. Writer.

Congressman Jay Rhodes. Congressional Advertising Campaign, Radio and Print, Creator & Buyer. November 1988.

Tempe School Board Advertising Campaign. "Robert Kempton." Print creator and buyer. November 1988.

"Selling the Benefit of Your Product and Service," Profit Strategies, Business Resource Group, Newsletter, February, 1988.

Maricopa Community Colleges, Phoenix College, Department of Music. "Phoenix College Magazine," College's weekly television magazine. Organizational and program development report for College Dean. 1988. Consultant.

Business Resource Center. "An Advertising Guide for Small Business," Seminar. December, 1987.

"The Inside View," Philippine Imports, monthly newsletters, Vol. I/II, July, 1986 to June, 1987. Writing & design.

"Making A Family Archive," Ensign 17:2 (February, 1987), 66-67.

Small Business Association, Utah Business Development Center. "7-Eleven Campaign Project," "Media Market Survey of Washington County: Profiles of Adult Country Listeners," "Sunsound Studios Development Report." Advertising campaign analysis, audience analysis and business development forecast. Semi-annual small business development advertising seminars. 1985-86. Consultant.

Personal Family Histories, for vanity press publication including: F. Lant Haymore, Howard Gale, Trella Scarlett-Ellsworth, Ronald H. Bean, Kenneth H. McClean, etc.