cormanpicSteven R. (Steve) Corman

Herberger Professor

Director, Center for Strategic Communication

Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Arizona State University






Research & Scholarship


ˇ        Vita

ˇ        Current research priorities: 

  • Quantitative text and discourse analysis
  • Islamist communication and discourse
  • Strategic communication and public diplomacy
  • Organizational communication networks & activity systems
  • Computational modeling 
  • Communication and information technology

Erdös Number: 4  (Erdös > Dieter Kratsch > Dorothea Wagner > Ulrik Brandes > Steve Corman)




Academic Year 2012-2013


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ˇ        International Communication Association.  Past Chair, Organizational Communication Division.

ˇ         National Communication Association

ˇ        International Network for Social Network Analysis

ˇ        International Studies Association


Editorial Service


ˇ         Editorial Board, Management Communication Quarterly

ˇ        Editorial Board, Progress in Communication Science


Other Interests


ˇ        Home automation

ˇ        Pretty rocks

ˇ        Brewing

ˇ        Photography



Recent and/or Forthcoming Publications


Corman, S. R. (Ed.)(2013).  Narrating the Exit from Afghanistan.  Tempe, AZ: Center for Strategic Communication.


Halverson, J. R., Furlow, R. B. & Corman, S. R. (2012, July).  How Islamist Extremists Quote the Quran (2012, July).  Report No. 1202, Center for Strategic Communication, Arizona State University.

Lundry, C., Corman, S.R., Furlow, R. B., & Errickson, K. W. (2012). Cooking the books: Strategic inflation of casualty reports by extremists in the Afghanistan conflict.  Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 35(5), 368-381.

Goodall, H. L., Cheong, P. H., Fleischer, K., & Corman, S. R. (2012).  Rhetorical charms: The promise and pitfalls of humor and ridicule as strategies to counter extremist narratives.  Perspectives on Terrorism, 6(1), 70-79.

Corman, S. R. (2012).  Understanding sociocultural systems through a narrative lens.  In L. Brooks, B. Strong, M. Zbylut & L. Roan (Eds.), A Sociocultural Systems Primer for the Military Thinker: Multidisciplinary Perspectives and Approaches.  Leavenworth, KS: Army Research Insitutute.

Corman, S.R. (2011).  Understanding the role of narrative in extremist strategic communication.  In L. Fenstermacher and S. Canna (Eds.), Countering violent extremism: Scientific Methods & Strategies (pp. 36-43).  Dayton, OH: Air Force Research Laboratory.

Halverson, J., Goodall, H. L.,Jr., & Corman, S. C. (2011). Master Narratives of Islamist Extremism. Palgrave/Macmillan.  Expected publication date 12/2010.

Corman, S. R. & Dooley, K. J. (2011).  Problems and promises of managing explicit knowledge: The ideal case of university research.  In H. Canary and R. McPhee (Eds.), Communication and Organizational Knowledge:  Contemporary Issues for Theory and Practice.  Routledge.  Expected publication date 8/2010.

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