Imhoff Holzschuher Epitaph

The main scene of this panel in the Church of St. Sebald in Nuremberg follows the composition of the woodcut print The Coronation of the Virgin that Albrecht Dürer completed in 1510. Painted ca. 1520 by an artist in Dürer's circle, this work is unusual as an epitaph because it bears the images of two husbands. According to a now missing inscription the panel was intended to memorialize Ursula Holzschuher Imhoff Tetzel, who died in 1504.

Through our research for the project "Katerina's Windows" we were able to identify Katerina Imhoff Lemmel among the four daughters, thus correcting a long-standing misunderstanding in the literature.

Corine Schleif and Volker Schier are now analyzing the lower portion of the epitaph using infrared reflectography in order to solve some of the mysteries surrounding this work and its history.

The latest infrared technology permits data to be evaluated on location. The reflectograms taken at a variety of wave lengths were compared with the original image.  
©2004 by Corine Schleif and Volker Schier