Interactive Atlas of the San Miguel

The Interactive Atlas of the San Miguel is a mediated sculptural display that allows users to interact with informational layers (pictures, texts, maps, stream data, etc.) focused on the San Miguel River Watershed in Southwestern Colorado. Created in collaboration with artist/technologist Gene Cooper, the project in its current form is a prototype for a network of interactive stations situated in publically accessible institutions and facilities (libraries, schools, museums, general stores, etc) along the length of the San Miguel River. The project builds upon a variety of resources including a research project called The Interactive Watershed, the Watershed Education Program of the Telluride Institute, and the GIS "webmap" project maintained by the San Miguel County planning office.

Currently, the proposed locations include the Wilkinson Public Library (Telluride, CO), Sawpit Mercantile (Sawpit, CO), the Norwood Public Library (Norwood, CO), and the Rimrock Historical Museum (Naturita, CO).

In its finished form, the project will draw from a centralized shared "GIS" database and integrate live RSS feeds (weather, stream flow, traffic alerts, etc), cultural information, and user generated content (e.g., family histories, testimonials, photo-documentation, poetry, and visual art).

The content of the Interactive Atlas will also be reflected in a publically accessible website that allows for individual participation via user-generated "forms" that are geo-tagged and accessible both on the web and at each station.

The Interactive Atlas integrates a multitude of different content areas specific to the region, serves as a shared resource connecting the diverse communities of the watershed, and provides a vehicle for individual participation in the ongoing dialogue regarding the health and cultural life of the San Miguel River watershed.

Prototype launch - Interactive Atlas of the San Miguel
Ah Haa School for the Arts Gallery, Telluride, Colorado (August 2011)