Research Questions

ENG 105, Fall 1999

D. Bivona

To answer the following questions you will need to do research either on the internet or in the library. Sometimes the answer can be found through the internet alone. Sometimes you can do preliminary research through the internet but will need to find the actual information to answer the question in the library.

1) Who was the fifteenth president of the United States? Where was he born?

2) Who was the victor in the battle of Vera Cruz during the Mexican War (Guerra de Estados Unidos a Mexico)?

3) Translate the following sentence:

"C'est de l'homme que j'ai à parler, et la question que j'examine m'apprend que je vais parler à des hommes; car on n'en propose point de semblables quand on craint d'honorer la vérité. Je défendrai donc avec confiance la cause de l'humanité devant les sages qui m'y invitent, et je ne serai pas mécontent de moi-même si je me rends digne de mon sujet et de mes juges."

4) What are the dimensions of Noah's Ark (according to the book of Genesis)?

5) How many times does Dickens use the name "David" in David Copperfield?

6) What is Botticelli's Venus wearing in the famous painting of her being borne on a conch shell?

7) In what poem is the following line found?: "Do I dare to eat a peach?" and "silent upon a peak in Darien."

8) Speaking of Darien, what is the last MetroNorth train daily during the work week from Grand Central Station in New York to Darien, Connecticut? How much does a one-way ticket cost?

9) What is the official plagiarism policy of the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University?

10) What was Nicholas Copernicus' Polish name?

11) What was Darwin's wife's name?

12) What was the first disease conquered by vaccination? Why was the procedure called "vaccination"?

13) How many years did Galileo spend under house arrest?

14) Who founded MS. Magazine? When?

15) What is the front page headline of today's LeMonde?

16) If you were concerned that the budgetary stinginess of the Arizona State Legislature was responsible for damaging the academic reputation of the university you attend, how would you find out the number of the legislative district in which you reside and the names and email addresses of your House and Senate representative so that you could register a firm protest?

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