Topics for Second Graduate Paper
ENG 430/545
Spring 1999
Directions: Choose one of the following topics for your second critical paper. If you’ve already discussed a different topic with me or have already come up with a better idea, go ahead and write on that rather than choosing one of these. The papers should focus on recent readings (with one exception), that is, on work from Emily Bronte through Hughes and Kingsley.

1) "Working out the beast"

2) Evolution and masculinity.

3) Triangularity of desire in Emily Bronte.

4) Tom Brown’s Schooldays and the problem of conflicting social codes.

5) Asceticism and manliness: Carlyle, Newman, and Kingsley.

6) The problem of authority in Tom Brown’s Schooldays.

7) Inwardness and Bildung: Tom Brown’s Schooldays.

8) Inwardness and the pleasures of tragedy: "In Memoriam."