Topics for 2nd Graduate paper

ENG 545

Summer I, 1999

Choose one of the following:

1) Wuthering Heights and male violence.
2) The Problem of understanding asceticism: Carlyle, Kingsley, and Newman.
3) Aestheticism and sexual preference (Buchanan, "The Fleshly School," Rossetti, Pater, Wilde).
4) Aesthetic poetry and the attractions of death (Keats, Swinburne, and possibly Pater, "The Child in the House").
5) Aestheticism and the Figure of Woman (The Rossettis, Swinburne, and Pater).
5) Pater and aesthetic passivity.
6) Pater, Wilde, and Art as Commodity (Benjamin, et al.)
7) Darwinian Plots.
8) The Wilde Trial and the Closet.
9) Dorian Gray and the issue of narcissism.