Arizona State University
Department of Family and Human Development

CDE/FAS 498 Family Ethics


What place do children hold in our society?  What do adult children owe their parents?

Welcome to CDE/FAS 498 Ethical Issues in Family and Human Development.  This  course will become a capstone course for the ASU Department of Family and Human Development, bringing students together to utilize all their knowledge of the field gleaned to this point and to examine important and pressing social and family issues.  It is hoped that students will learn to appreciate the complexity of family and human relationships and advance in their own thinking in this new and exciting area.

Students enrolled in this class must access the class website through myASU.  There they will be able to obtain a current syllabus and other materials necessary for the class.

This course was made possible through a grant from the Joan and David Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics.

Should people of one race be allowed to adopt children of another race?  Are fathers necessary?  Are mothers?


Does everyone have a right to have children?  Are there times when it is not moral to do so?  What are parent responsibilities to the not-yet-born?


These are just some of the issues we'll explore in family ethics.  Join us for a fascinating journey into the intricacies of family and human relationships.


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