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Thomas Detrie is a designer and educator working in the ASU College of Architecture and Environmental Design. He began his career in 1970, and since 1984 has been at Arizona State University where he has been the Graphic Design Program Coordinator and the School of Design Foundation Program Coordinator. He has also taught at Louisiana State University and Ohio University, and has been a guest lecturer at Rhode Island School of Design. He has made presentations at Boston University, Microsoft Corporation, and Facultad del Habitat, Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, Mexico. This summer Prof Detrie will facilitate a typography fundamentals workshop for the California State University Summer Arts Program in Fresno.

He earned BFA and MFA degrees from Louisiana Tech University, and an MFA (foreign equivalent) from the Basel School of Design in Switzerland where he studied for three years, 1980 through 1983.

Prof Detrie holds membership in the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), the special interest group for human computer interface (SIGCHI), and the special interest group for hypertext (SIGWEB). He holds membership in the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI). He is a past board member of American Institute of Graphic Arts Arizona Chapter (AIGAZ).

Design Quarterly, Typography: Form and Communication by Carter, Day, and Meggs, publications by Armin Hofmann, and the Swiss Journal of Typography (TM) include his work in letterform, typography, and visual communication. Prof Detrie has done font design work for the American Mathematical Society, The Font Company, IBM, and the Rocky Mountain Mathematical Consortium.

Prof Detrie's interests included: Aesthetics; Cognitive Psychology and Modular Intelligence; Design as Education; Design Fundamentals Education; Design's Cultural and Historical Context; Digital Color and Digital Printing; Font Design; Semiotics; and Human-computer Interaction.


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