Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy combines concern for my student's intellectual well-being with practical innovations in educational technology to produce a classroom experience based on equity, ingenuity and student-centered experience. I have prepared 3 (three) documents (HTML versions) to illustrate my ideas about teaching, curriculum development and the role of technology in the language learning process:

Statement of Teaching Philosophy
Humanities Computing in the University Curriculum
Technology and Language Teaching

Course Areas

Technology and Cultural Production
German Protest Movements
German Modernism and Modernization
Literary Studies and Digital Media
Electronic and Network Culture
Humanities Computing

Sample Course Syllabi and Course Overviews

I have prepared sample course syllabi that represent a cross-section of my teaching interests and highlight my preparation in both the German- and English-speaking classrooms.

(ASU) German Modernism (Spring 2007 Iteration)
(ASU) Puzzling through the Text: Experimental Narrative (Fall 2004 Iteration)
(ASU) Digital Texts and Print Experiments: Cultural Production in the Information Age
(Preliminary Design) Technology in Weimar: Monstrosity or Savior?
(Preliminary Design) Dissent, Violence, Terror: A German Tradition?
(Preliminary Design) Digital Literature: Authorship, Disembodiment and Subjectivity
(Preliminary Design) The Nature of Electronic Culture
(Preliminary Design) Devices of Protest: Technology and Social Change
(Preliminary Design) Information Literacy: Practical Techniques and Critical Assessments

International Film Series

During my tenure at the Yamada Language Center I was given the opportunity to organize a weekly international film series, which would both introduce students to other countries' national cinemas and examine a central theme or idea represented in the films. In total I designed six (6) of these series. What follows are PDF versions of each series poster:

Strange World of Humor
A World at War
Horror in Foreign Lands
Gender in Film
A World of Children
Fall 1997 International Film Series


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