1) Austria-Italy marker # e-49 in the Brenner Pass at Brenner, Austria/Brennero, Italy. Photo taken from the borderline looking west. Italy has over-paved the road a couple of meters.

2) Close-up of e-49, Austrian side.

3) Close-up of e-49, Italian side

4) Exact line drawn on pavement at edge of paving stones at marker e-49.

1) Marker e-49 across the road. The border then comes to a point, almost 90 degrees and goes north about 125 meters. This marker (e-50) is embedded in the road and marks the northward turn of the border.

2) Close-up shot of e-50.

3) Looking from e-50 north along the border toward the old Austrian customs station. The east to west pavement change is visible at the bottom of the picture, and then on the right, a pavement change is also visible north to south where the white lines curve and the black blotch is located.

4) The line from 3-50 follows the pavement change in photo 3 and the comes to this marker in the road (e-51), where the border takes a bit of an obtuse turn to the northeast.

1) This is a shot from e-51 looking back along the pavement line to e-50 toward the old Italian customs house.

2) This is a shot looking along the border northeastward from e-51.

3) Looking along the border back southwestward to e-51.

4) The border runs through this garden. The tall border obelisk adjacent to the railway tracks is visible in the upper right corner of this picture in front of the white lorry.

1) This picture is from the brown marker (e-52) near the rail tracks looking back through the garden to marker e-51.

2) A shot of the Italian side of marker e-52.

3) Close-up of the Austrian side of marker e-52.

4) Again, the precise boundary is drawn on the base of e-52. At this point the boundary turns again in a southeasterly direction.