Immigration office at the border. Border marker near riverbank.


Close-up of the marker. It still says Guatemala-British Honduras (2005)


The Belize-Guatemala runs about one foot from the edge of this cafe building. This square piece of concrete appears to be right on the border, but I don't think it was an official border marker, rather it was probably the base of an old gate. The picture on the right is similar in that the round piece of concrete is right on the border. Any significance? I'm not sure.


This picture was taken at night--sorry for the darkness. The motorbikes on the left are on the borderline. The building on the right is in Belize the one on the left is in Guatemala. The end of Guatemalan pavement is visible. The picture on the right may be another border artifact of some kind. The border rights along the cafe about two feet to the right of this marker. At this point the wall of the building juts west and forms a little pocket where this concrete thing is located. Any significance? I don't know, but I think so.