Left to Right

1) Egypt-Israel border as it ends at the Red Sea, from the Egyptian side (Taba, March 2006)

2) Another view of the same

3) The same view from the Israeli side

1) Egypt, right--Israel, left. The border is the fence and where the curbing changes from red/white to black/white

2) Same location across the street. Israel, right of fence--Egypt, left of fence. The border fence going up the hill behind the buildings is visible.

3) Same shot with more hillside view

1) Border fence going up the hill (Israel-right, Egypt-left)

2) Border fence with marker on hilltop.

1) On top of the hill is the Egyption security checkpoint

2) On the Israeli side is this security checkpoint

3) The border fence going up and down the hills in upper part of the photo.

1) Israel customs

2) Welcome to Egypt--these signs are in Egypt about 200 meters.

3) Casino in Taba just inside Egypt.

1) View from Egypt (Taba) into Israel w/ Israeli customs in background