Standing on the border, looking east at Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Notice the wood beam placed across the road to mark the exact boundary in the dirt road. The right picture is from behind the marker in the first picture looking east.


Looking into Mexico at Atelope Wells. Looking west along the same border at the same point.


This is the border marker just west of the border station at Antelope Wells, NM.


Border patrol road heading east from Naco. Picture on right--border patrol road ends--border marker on hill.


Another shot of the same area on the US side. Picture on right--looking back down the fence line on the Mexican side.


At this point the border fence and markers end on a cliff. In the picture on the right you can see the border as it continues in the distance with the patrol road.


My daughter sitting on the Mexican side (October 2005)


New construction of the border 'wall'. The concrete culverts are to keep people from driving through the fence.


Continued construction of the new wall east of Naco--construction done by US Marines and other forces groups.