The registration instructions at CPS Online are inadequate.
  In order for your CPS grades to be passed to my online
  gradebook, you must follow the instructions found within
  this website.

  Before beginning the CPS registration process, you need to
  make sure that you know your ASU Posting ID number.  You
  will have to enter your ASU Posting ID number as a part of
  the CPS registration process.  If you enter an incorrect
  ASU Posting ID, then your CPS grades will never be passed
  to my online gradebook.

  What is my ASU Posting ID?  <=== Follow this link to be
                                100% sure of your ASU Posting ID.
                           It is NEITHER of the ID's on your Sun Card.

  Once you are 100% sure that you know your Posting ID then
  you are ready to proceed to CPS Registration.  Choose
  one of the following two options.

  I have never used CPS before and need to Create an Account.

  I already have an account at CPS Online.