122 Syllabus

Fall 2005

     PHY-122  is the 1-credit laboratory course accompanying PHY-121, University Physics I, which covers the subject of Introductory Mechanics. PHY-121 must be taken at the same time as (or either before) PHY-122.

     For logistical and economical reasons the material covered in the two courses is not coordinated in time. The expectation is that, over the course of the term, material learned in one course will enhance the understanding of the material received in the other.

The full text of the syllabus is also available as a pdf file.

Lab Format and Policies
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     The manual for this laboratory is entirely online. You are responsible for downloading these pages, reading them beforehand, and bringing them with you to the appropriate lab. DO NOT PRINT OUT YOUR LABS ON THE PRINTERS IN THE LAB ROOMS. These files are in pdf format. The free Adobe Acrobat pdf reader is available here.

     You are expected to know some elementary ideas about distributions and samples. For example, you should know what a histogram is; you should know what standard deviation is, and how to find it, BY HAND if you are asked. Read these introductory pages to check your understanding. Your group should have these pages available as reference material while you are working on your labs.

Data Analysis
                        Part 1 9 pages - histograms and uncertainty
                        Part 2 9 pages - error propagation and significant figures
                        Part 3 1 page - significant figures (addendum to part 2)

     Your primary tool for data analysis will be the computer program Graphical Analysis (GA).

Graphical Analysis 5 pages - guide to GA including outdated access page
Access from Campus PC's 1 page - supercedes 5th page of GA guide - updated 8/22
Curve Fitting 7 pages
Log-Log Fits 1 page - addendum to Curve Fitting

     Your Lab Reports are 80% of your final grade (see the syllabus for more details).

Writing Lab Reports 5 pages (1 blank!) - a general guide
Grading Guidelines

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How to Read a Vernier Caliper


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Monday Labs   <> 840 1040 1240 240 440 640
Tuesday Labs   <> 840 1040 1240
Thursday Labs <> 840 1040 140 540
Friday Labs      <> 840 1040 1240
Class Average<>Histogram


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Bo Wu
Tedman Torres
Gueorgui Gueorguiev
Ajit Dhamdhere
Kellen Crowe