NOTE:  In reporting the averages from the test we drop
       the lowest scores.  This is because 20% (1 out
       of 5) of all scores will eventually be dropped.
       In comparing your average with the class average
       you need to compare with an average which is
       representative of the final average.  Dropping
       the lowest scores before reporting the average
       is one way of estimating the effect of the final 
       drops.  These posted test averages are not used 
       in any way in computing the final overall class 
       average.  GBA

1st test

          173 students took test 1 

           40 made below 30

          133 scored 30 or more

       for those 133 the average was 53.3

       test 1 grades

2nd test 

         164 students took test 2

          27 made below 35

         137 scored 35 or more

       for those 137 the average was 65.08

       test 2 grades

 An alternative calculation of the Test 2 averages.

3rd test  

         151 students took test 3

          30 made below 37

         121 scored 37 or more

       for those 121 the average was 59.6

       test 3 grades

 An alternative calculation of the Test 3 averages.

4th test  

          145 students took test 4

           28 made below 36

          117 scored 36 or more

       for those 117 the average was 63.1

       test 4 grades

 An alternative calculation of the Test 4 averages.

5th test

         138 students took test 5

          29 made below 28

         109 scored 28 or more

       for those 109 the average was 48.7

       test 5 grades

 An alternative calculation of the Test 5 averages.

Overall Pre-Exam Average   

  134 students have taken four or more tests and have more
      than 650 HW points.  For these 134 students, the
      overall averages are

                       %      points

          HW         85.6     6.85

       RECITATION    77.8     5.44

         CPS         82.8     4.14

         test        56.8    34.09

     overall                 50.52 points out of 80 possible 
                                           pre-exam points

                or   63.1%  <-- Pre-Exam Average

    Assuming an average of 65 on the final, or 13 out of
20 points, results in a predicted overall average of 63.5.

    This semester, we have begun comparing with the long-
term averages for the nine semesters in which I have taught
PHY131.  The long-term class average for those nine semesters
is 62.24 (for 848 students).  Since the class average for
this semester is going to be close to the long-term average, 
we can expect the letter grade breakdown to be similar to the 
long-term average cutoffs.  Those long-term average cutoffs 
                44.8 - 55.5   D
                55.6 - 67.5   C
                67.6 - 77.9   B

The final grade scale will be reasonably close to this,
but will primarily be determined by the location of 
large gaps in the final grade distribution (after the
final exam).

This semester, for the first time, we have begun providing
histograms throughout the semester which you may use 
to determine your approximate standing in the class.

You should figure your pre-exam total then figure how many
exam points (out of 20 possible) you need to get the grade
that you want.  Remember that the true final grade scale 
ultimately depends on overall class exam performance.


      For the 133 students who took the final and had a chance
      to pass, the final exam average is 

                  18.30 out of 40, or 45.8%.

       exam grades

 An alternative calculation of the Final Exam averages.


  133 students took 4 or more tests plus the final exam and
      had more than 650 HW points.

     For those 133 here are the averages:
                       %      points

        HW           86.25    6.90

       RECITATION    78.16    5.47

         CPS         82.86    4.14

        test         57.96   34.78 
        exam         45.75    9.15

     overall                 60.44 <-- final average

    The final grade scale was primarily determined by the
large gaps in the grade distribution.  Here is that final 
grade scale.  

      40.1 - 51.4   D
      51.5 - 64.6   C  (above 59.9 is C+)
      64.7 - 74.9   B  (below 65.6 is B-, above 71.3 is B+)
      above 75.0    A  (below 77 is A-, above 87.8 is A+)

Letter grades were assigned strictly according to this
scale.  The highest E is 38.4, the lowest D is 40.1;  the
highest D is 50.3, the lowest C is 51.5;  the highest C
is 63.0, the lowest B is 64.7; the highest B is 73.3,
and the lowest A is 75.0.  The smallest gap between
levels is 1.2 points between D to C.

    If you find a significant error in your recorded grades,
the best time to see me is before 4 PM MON Dec 18th.  After 
that time any change will require that we fill out a 
change-of-grade form.  For information on how to figure your 
final grade see


Here is the final grade distribution for the 133 students
who took four or more tests plus the final exam.

You may also view this column of grades as a text file.
 131 grade distribution