Conceptual Physics Fundamentals
Our textbook is also published with an alternative cover photo.

(The cover of Conceptual Physics Fundamentals)

Our textbook is Conceptual Physics Fundamentals, by Paul G. Hewitt. This custom, paperback version of Hewitt's text, prepared exclusively for ASU, will save you almost $50 over the national version (an alternative textbook is listed below). You may find used copies of our text published with an alternative cover photo, shown here.

If you purchase a new copy of our text at a local bookstore, a supplement to the text has been enclosed by the publisher (Pearson Addison Wesley) at no extra cost to you.

Practice Book
an optional supplement
NOT required
(A cover image of the Practice Book will go here)
The Practice Book contains the answers to all of the odd-numbered exercises and problems in the text, as well as a set of workbook style activities (with solutions) which are coordinated with our textbook. You may find that the Practice Book is quite useful when studying for our tests, but none of the workbook activities within the Practice Book will be assigned for credit; therefore, the Practice Book is supplemental material, and is NOT required.

Conceptual Physics Tenth Edition
Here are reading assignments from this alternative textbook.
(The cover of Hewitt Tenth Edition)

The local bookstores also have a few copies of the used textbook, packaged without the practice book; the practice book is completely optional, so the used textbook alone will provide you access to all required material.

If you happen to have a copy of Hewitt's Conceptual Physics, 10th Edition, that will serve suitably as an alternative textbook. Here are the reading assignments from this text by topic (but not by date).