Fall 2015 Recitation Sections

RECITATION sections occur weekly as scheduled, beginning
with the 9:00 AM recitation on FRI Aug 21. EXCEPTION:
Recitations do not meet on FRI Sep 25, FRI Oct 30, or
FRI Dec 4, because our tests are being giving in the
physics testing center (PSH-563) on those days. The
last recitation meeting will be the 1:30 PM recitation
on FRI Nov 20. This schedule results in 12 recitation
meetings for every student.

 line#  day          time       location         TA
83349    F    9:00 AM- 9:50 AM  WHALL 260   Sebastian Cole
83733    F   10:30 AM-11:20 AM  ECGG  315   Sebastian Cole
83734    F   12:00 PM-12:50 PM  PSF   462   Sebastian Cole

                    EMail Addresses

      Sebastian Cole          Sebastian.Cole@asu.edu
      Gary Adams              gary.adams@asu.edu