This page lists the options for purchasing a textbook
and online HW system.

Note: with your Mastering Physics account, you will
get a copy of the etext for the 14th edition of
Young and Freedman.  If you are content with reading
on a screen only, then the electronic version of the
text is sufficient.  I recommend a hard-copy text in
which you can make notes in the margins; you can then
keep this copy as a reference book.

The textbook is University Physics, by Young and Freedman,
14th Edition, (Addison-Wesley, 2014.) You may use either

            volume 1 only (for PHY121 only),

      the full edition (for PHY121 and PHY131), or

    Y&F with Modern Physics (for PHY 121, 131, and 241),

however your 241 instructor may choose not to use Y&F.

Reading assignments are keyed to this textbook.
At the bookstore, the textbook should come packaged with
Mastering Physics. Mastering Physics is required.
If you buy a used textbook, then you must buy Mastering
Physics separately at the bookstore or online through our
class Blackboard page; this is the only online place to pay
for a Mastering Physics account for our class.