9/13/20  Lab 2 Delayed

  Our Lab Schedule for Fall 2020 has now been
modified.  Please see the new Lab Schedule by
going to our class webpage.  In particular,
Labs 2, 3, and 4 will now occur one week later
than originally scheduled.  As a result, there
is now No Lab the week of Sep 14-15, and your
turn-in deadline for Lab 1 has now been moved
to Sep 21-22. Thanks, GBA.

9/12/20  HW and Lab Polices Updated

  The HW and Lab Policies available on our class
webpage have been updated with a Late Policy.
The policy is simple.  Written HW's and Labs
submitted after the deadline (and thus marked
as late by Canvas) will not be graded.  Be
sure to submit your work well before the deadline.
There is an exception for Written HW1, since the
collection for HW1 began before the policy was
published.  You can read about the exception on
our HW Policies page.  Thanks, GBA.

8/17/20  No Updates Yet