1)  You may not use help from another person, from the
    internet, or from any notes or book. You should take
    the test exactly as if you were taking it ethically
    in our classroom PSF101. Please respect your fellow

2)  A link will be provided in the WebAssign instructions
    whick will allow you to access our equation sheet 
    and any other allowable materials during the test.

3)  To receive credit for the test, you must be in the
    Zoom meeting for the class for the entire time of
    the test, with your camera turned on.  Your camera
    must show at least your entire head, and preferably
    your head and your hands.

4)  You may have blank scratch paper, and blank pages
    on which to write your free-response answers.  When
    you are ready to photograph your free-response
    answers, you may pick up your phone.  Otherwise,
    no cell phone use is allowed.

5)  If you have a question during the test, ask one of
    our co-hosts using Zoom chat.  If need be, the
    co-host may ask you to send the question to me.