How PRS Will be Used

You will use your PRS transmitter to answer Multiple Choice questions during the lecture period. Your answers will be graded, and your PRS grade will count 5% of your overall class grade. For the first week, PRS questions will be considered practice questions, as you learn to use your PRS transmitters. Beginning Mon Aug 30, PRS questions will be graded.

To the left is an image of a PRS transmitter ready for use. On the back you will find a nine-digit number. This is your PRS ID NUMBER. You will need this number in order to register your transmitter. You should not buy an older transmitter that has only a five-digit number on the back; these may not work properly. What if my transmitter has only 6 digits on the back?

When using your transmitter, first be sure that it is turned on. To submit your answer, point it at one of the PRS receivers scattered about the room. An image of a receiver is shown to the right. Watch for your PRS ID number to appear on the computer screen at the front of the classroom; this will indicate that your submission has been received. You may answer any question twice within the given time limit (once is all that is necessary). You may change your answer the second time. If you submit two answers, only the second answer will be graded. The H (high) and L (low) buttons can be used to indicate your confidence in your answer; this information will not be used in any way this year. You can find out more about how PRS works here.

How To Register Your Transmitter

Besides your PRS ID NUMBER, the other number that you need in order to register your PRS is your POSTING ID number. This number is comprised of the last four digits of your Affiliate ID number, followed by a hyphen, followed by the last three digits of your ASU ID number. The Affiliate ID number is the ten-digit number on your Sun Card; the ASU ID number is the nine-digit number.
            Joe Student's Sun Card
   | ASU Arizona State                      |
   |     University                         |
   |                             PHOTO      |   Joe Student's
   |                                        |    POSTING ID
   |                                        |     would be
   |                                        |     1234-567
   |    Joe Student                         |
   |                                        |        
   |                                        |       
   |    XXXXXX567  XXXXXX1234               |
   |                                        |
   |                                 SUN    |
   |                                  CARD  |
          /\          /\
          ||          ||
        ASU ID     Affiliate ID

Finally, you need to know the letter identification of your recitation section. Get that from the following table:

TABLES FOR PHY 112 and 121 will be posted here soon.

For example, if Joe Student is a 112 student in the Mon 3:40 recitation meeting in PSH-355, his section letter is B.

To register your PRS, send an email to me at The subject line should be PRS registration. The body of the email should contain only one line, in EXACTLY the format presented below for Joe Student. If the format is not correct, your PRS answers will never be credited to you. Assuming that Joe Student's PRS transmitter has the ID number 000112345, this would be Joe Student's email:

000112345 1234-567 B Student Joe
Here is an analysis of Joe Student's email. Make sure that you use YOUR ID NUMBERS and YOUR SECTION LETTER in your email. Thanks. GBA
Your       Your          Your section letter
9 digits  7 digits     /     first
  ||   (plus hyphen)  / last name
  ||         ||      / name   ||
  \/         \/     /   \/    \/
000112345 1234-567 B Student Joe
         /\      /\ /\      /\
         ||      || ||      ||
       a single a single   a single
        space    space      space