101 Syllabus - Spring 2008

     PHY-101 is an introductory physics course for students with no background in physics and a limited background in mathematics. Students are assumed to know some limited physical science and elementary algebra.

     The main topics of PHY-101 are Newton's Laws of Mechanics, Conservation of Energy, and Basic Electromagnetism. A detailed list of topics can be found on the lecture schedule which accompanies this syllabus.

     The textbook is Conceptual Physics (10th edition) by Paul G. Hewitt (Addison-Wesley 2006). Reading assignments are keyed to this textbook. Labs are available for free download on our course website.  Also required is a CPS (Classroom Performance System) transmitter, available at the bookstore. The online homework system for this course is WebAssign.  WebAssign access cards are available from the ASU Bookstore (find a xeroxed WebAssign sheet in the Physics section and carry that to the check-out register); alternatively, WebAssign access may be purchased online with a credit card.

The full text of the syllabus is also available as a pdf file.

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