101 Homework Policies

                      ONLINE HOMEWORK

All homework (HW) problems will be found on your WebAssign 
Website.  There will be approximately 575 possible online HW 
points; a score of 520 or more will be counted as 100%.  A
score of less than 520 will count as a percentage of 520.
This percentage on the online problems will be weighted as
10% of your overall 101 grade.  

Deadlines for the online problems will be found at the 
WebAssign website and on our Homework Schedule. 

                      WRITTEN HOMEWORK

In addition, there will be ten of the online problems that
you ALSO must write up and turn in at recitation.  You MUST
follow the procedure given in lecture for these written 
problems.  The specific problems and due dates will appear 
with the instructions on your WebAssign web site; the due
dates are also available on our Homework Schedule.  These 
written problems will be graded by your TA and returned to 
you during your recitation of the following week.

The written HW problems are due at the beginning of the
relevant recitation meetings.  Place them on the front
table of the recitation room as you enter.  They must be
turned in at recitation and cannot be turned in anywhere
else or at any other time.  TA's cannot make exceptions to
these rules.  Exception:  ONCE (and only once) during the   <== What to do if you
semester, you may turn in your HW by giving it to the              must miss a
secretary in PSF-470; ask her to time stamp your HW and        recitation in which
to place it in your TA's mailbox -- the time stamp must         written HW is due
be BEFORE your recitation meets.  Exception:  If you miss
a recitation for a valid reason, such as a health issue
or a traffic accident on the way to school, you may then
turn in your HW late by attaching a copy of the
documentation for your illness or accident to your HW
and giving it to Dr. Adams after the first lecture you are 
able to attend.

Written HW's will be graded out of 20 points.  Your written
HW average will count as 5% of your overall 101 grade.

For working on homework, study groups are strongly 
encouraged; however, in the end it is your responsibility
to write your own answer to all written homeworks.  Any
written homeworks which have obviously been copied will
not receive any credit; such cases may be sent to the
dean for further sanctions.


Written HW's will be graded by your TA.  You should save all
graded materials throughout the semester in case of appeals
or mistakes in recording grades.  If you wish to appeal the 
grading of one of your HW's, you must follow these

(1) First discuss the grading of the HW with your TA 
    immediately after the recitation in which you received
    your graded HW.  If the problem cannot be resolved by
    this discussion, then follow the steps below:

(2) If you think you deserve more points on a graded HW,
    submit an appeal IN WRITING.  Explain carefully exactly
    why you deserve more points, and ask for as many points
    as you think your answer deserves.  

(3) Staple your written appeal to your original HW paper, 
    and give this to Dr. Adams within 2 school days of receiving 
    your graded HW.  You may do this after lecture, or you may 
    ask the secretary in PSF-470 to time stamp your paper and
    put it in my box.

(4) I will discuss the HW with your TA, and with the other
    TA's.  What I demand of the TA's is relative uniformity
    in HW grading (everyone should get the same treatment,
    as far as is possible).  We make take no action, in
    which case I will write a reply to your appeal.  Or we
    may recall those HW's as graded by your TA for regrading.