HOW TO PLAY JAVA APPLETS IN YOUR OWN BROWSER As of Fall 2017, neither the standard Firefox browser nor the Google Chrome browser will play Java applets. Use Internet Explorer on a Windows system, or use Safari on a Mac system. For Linux users, investigate installing the Firefox ESR browser through a ppa; that version of Firefox will play Java applets. Thanks. GBA First you need to bring up the Java Control Panel. To do this in Windows, use the Start button, then type "java" into the Search space, and then select "Configure Java". Once the Java Control Panel is up, select "Security" then "Edit Site List...". Now you are ready to add to the list of sites which will be allowed to play Java Applets within your browser. Here is a picture of the Java Control Panel with the Security tab active. Let's say you wish to play the Newtonian Mountain Gravity simulation located at the website: To play this applet you will need to add the site: to the Site List that you now have open within your Java Control Panel. Copy and paste the site info into the Exception Site List and then click Add, Continue, and OK as needed to add as many sites as you wish. Any site you have added into the Exception Site List will now be eligible to play Java Applets within your browser. Clike "OK" to close the Java Control Panel, and you are then ready to play any Java Applets from the sites you have added. The website from which these instructions were taken is here (see the section entitled WORKAROUND). Thanks. GBA PS. If you have trouble with these instructions, please send me an email or stop by my office hours. Thanks again. GBA