101 Quiz Policies

Quizzes will be given during the first 10-15 minutes of each 
recitation according to the schedule.  There are a total 
of 7 quizzes during the semester.  Quiz topics are given in 
the schedule.  You will need a small hand calculator for the 
quizzes; calculators may not be shared.

THERE ARE NO MAKE-UP QUIZZES FOR ANY REASON.  Exception:  ONCE   <== What to do if you
(and only once) during the semester, you may arrange with your         must miss a
TA to attend your TA's recitation at a different time during        recitation in which
the week.  To see what recitation times your TA is teaching,         a quiz is given
look at the list of 101 recitations.

The highest 6 quiz scores will be counted.  If you take all 
seven quizzes, your lowest quiz score will automatically be 
dropped at the end of the semester.  If you miss a quiz, FOR 
ANY REASON, that quiz will be your drop.  Your quiz average 
will account for 10% of your final grade.

                   QUIZ GRADING APPEALS

Quizzes will be graded by a grader.  You should save all
graded materials throughout the semester in case of appeals
or mistakes in recording grades.   If you wish to appeal
the grading of one of your quizzes, you must follow these

(1) Please DO NOT try to discuss the grading of the quiz with 
    your TA immediately after recitation.  Your quiz was not 
    graded by your TA.

(2) If you think you deserve more points on a graded quiz,
    submit an appeal IN WRITING, following the instructions
    in Section (3) below.  Explain carefully exactly why
    you deserve more points, and ask for as many points
    as you think your answer deserves.  

(3) Staple your written appeal to your original quiz paper, 
    and give this to Dr. Adams within two school days of 
    receiving your graded quiz.  You may do this after 
    lecture, or you may ask the secretary in PSF-470 to time 
    stamp your paper and put it in my box.

(4) I will return your quiz to the grader, who must give you
    a written reply, which will be returned to you in your
    next recitation meeting.  If you are not satisfied with
    the grader's response to your appeal, then you may ask
    Dr. Adams to consider your appeal; in such cases I 
    reserve the right to regrade your entire quiz.