101 Test Policies


The three tests will cover material indicated in the schedule 
by lecture numbers.  Each test will consist of 1-3 problems 
and 6-12 multiple choice (MC) questions.  The problems may 
be similar to homework, but they may also represent 
applications of principles in different circumstances.  The 
multiple choice questions will cover conceptual questions or 
the simplest kind of calculation. The final examination will 
consist of 45 multiple choice questions.  The final will be 
comprehensive, with 15 questions coming from the material 
from each third of the course.  For the test dates, see the 
lecture schedule which accompanies this syllabus. 


  You will need a small hand calculator for the tests.  It 
should be capable of doing calculations in scientific 
notation.  Test paper (including scratch paper) will be 
provided. Bring only your pencils and/or pens, calculators, 
and your Sun Card.  Your scratch paper will also contain a 
list of any equations that might be used in the test.  A
complete list of test rules is provided on the class web 

  In the event of a fire alarm occuring during an examination, 
students will be asked to turn over their test papers, gather 
their belongings and leave the room as expeditiously as 
possible, leaving their test papers on the tables where they 
were working. The papers will be gathered and graded as they 
are.  Unless the alarm proves to represent a bona fide 
emergency, there will be no make-up test.

                     MISSING A TEST

take two of the three tests.  If you take all three tests, 
then the lowest score of the three test scores will be 
deleted in the calculation of your test average.  If you 
miss one test for any reason, that test will be your dropped 
score.  If you miss two tests, please see Dr. Adams about 
requesting an incomplete; you must be passing at the time 
that you request an incomplete, or your request cannot be
considered.  Deadline for class withdrawal this semester is 
Apr 6.


  Academic dishonesty on an examination will result 
AUTOMATICALLY in a failing grade for the course and referral 
to the Dean for further sanctions.  Cheating in any form 
will not be tolerated!

                  GRADING AND WEIGHTING

  Partial credit is given on the problems, assuming you 
follow the proper format for answering problems as given 
during lecture.  Multiple choice questions are either 
right or wrong.

  The average of your two best test scores will account for 
25% of your overall course grade.  The final exam will count 
for 15% of your overall course grade.

                   TEST GRADING APPEALS 

  Tests will be graded by graders and TA's.  You should save 
all graded materials throughout the semester in case of 
appeals or mistakes in recording grades.   If you wish to 
appeal the grading of one of your tests, you must follow 
these procedures:

(1) Simple errors, such as point addition, can be corrected
    by contacting the student's recitation section TA.  
    Inform your TA of the error at the end of the recitation
    during which you receive your graded test.

(2) For ANY OTHER ERRORS, such as if you think you deserve 
    more points on a graded problem, you must submit an 
    appeal IN WRITING, following the instructions in
    Section (3) below.  Explain carefully exactly why you 
    deserve more points, and ask for as many points as you 
    think your answer deserves.  Please DO NOT ASK your 
    recitation TA to consider your appeal or to give advice 
    on your appeal; they are not permitted to do so.  It is 
    unlikely that your TA graded the problem in question.

(3) Staple your WRITTEN appeal to the relevant page of your 
    original test, and give the entire test, with the stapled
    appeal, to Dr. Adams within two school days of receiving
    your graded test.  You may do this after lecture, or you
    may ask the secretary in PSF-470 to time stamp your paper
    and put it in my box.

(4) I will return your test to the person who graded it; that
    person must give you a written reply, which will be 
    returned to you in your next recitation meeting.  If you 
    are not satisfied with the grader's response to your 
    appeal, then you may ask Dr. Adams to consider your 
    appeal; in such cases I reserve the right to regrade your 
    entire test.