1)  No cell phone or smartwatch use of any kind is allowed
    during the test.  Your phone MUST be stored in your bookbag,
    purse, or pocket and cannot be placed on table or floor.

2)  No headphones or earbuds of any kind may be used during
    the test.

3)  Make space for us to walk in the aisles so that we may
    answer questions (put bookbags underneath tables).

4)  Put your ID on the table in front of you until after
    it has been checked.

5)  Raise your hand if you have a question.

6)  Scientific calculators will be provided by the ASU
    Department of Physics.

7)  The reverse side of your scratch paper (which also
    contains your constants and equations) has a statement of
    academic integrity.  This must be signed and turned in as
    you leave or you will receive no credit.