NOTE:  In reporting the averages from the test we drop
       the lowest scores.  This is because 20% (1 out
       of 5) of all scores will eventually be dropped.
       In comparing your average with the class average
       you need to compare with an average which is
       representative of the final average.  Dropping
       the lowest scores before reporting the average
       is one way of estimating the effect of the
       final drops. GBA

1st test 

   135 students took test 1 

    14 made 40 or below 

   121 scored above 40 

       for those 121 the average was 73.4 

2nd test 

   124 students took test 2 

    18 made 40 or below 

   106 scored above 40 

       for those 106 the average was 63.6 

3rd test  

   114 students took test 3 

    28 made 40 or below 

    86 scored above 40 

       for those 86 the average was 61.4 

4th test  

   116 students took test 4 

    28 made 40 or below 

    88 scored above 40 

       for those 88 the average was 59.3 

5th test

    99 students took test 5 

    21 made 30 or below 

    78 scored above 30 

       for those 78 the average was 55.4 

Overall averages 

   109 students have taken 4 or more tests 

      for these 109 the test average is 64.3  (60 points possible) 
                          HW average is  7.5  (10 points possible) 

                        quiz average is  8.5  (10 points possible) 

      the average total points (out of 80 possible) is 54.6 

Final exam 

    111 students took the final exam

       for those 111 the average was 12.3 (out of 20)

Total class average

    109 students took 4 or more tests plus the final exam

       for those 109 the final overall average is 66.5 points

Here is the grade distribution for those 109 students:

The estimated grade scale, before the exam, based on a 
middle C of 68.0, was

                  D   51-62
                  C   62-74
                  B   74-85

With the final overall average at 66.5 the final grade scale

                  D   48.6-60
                  C   60-71.6
                  B   71.6-82

with below 48.6 an E and above 82 an A.  The scale was adjusted
so as to find gaps in the grade distribution.  With the scale
as above the highest E is 47.6, the lowest D is 48.8, the 
highest D is 58.9, the lowest C is 60.1, the highest C is 70.5,
the lowest B is 71.7, the highest B is 81.2, and the lowest A
is 82.1.  So there is at least a 0.9 gap between each grade 
level.  Letter grades will be assigned strictly according to
this scale.