NOTE:  In reporting the averages from the test we drop
       the lowest scores.  This is because 25% (2 out
       of 8) of all scores will eventually be dropped.
       In comparing your average with the class average
       you need to compare with an average which is
       representative of the final average.  Dropping
       the lowest scores before reporting the average
       is one way of estimating the effect of the
       final drops. GBA

1st test 

    110 students took test 1 

    Multiple Choice

       92  students earned 20 or more points

           for those 92 the average was 34.5 (57.5%)


       86  students earned 16 or more points

           for those 86 the average was 34.0 (52.3%)

    multiple choice grades      problem grades

2nd test    

    107 students took test 2

    Multiple Choice 

        82 students earned 30 or more points

           for those 82 the average was 40.6 (67.7%)


        84 students earned 21 or more points

           for those 84 the average was 39.8 (61.2%)

    multiple choice grades      problem grades

3rd test 

    102 students took test 3

    Multiple Choice

        81 students earned 25 or more points

           for those 81 the average was 37.8 (63.0%)


        80 students earned 17 or more points

           for those 80 the average was 34.3 (52.8%)

    multiple choice grades      problem grades

4th test 

    98 students took test 4

    Multiple Choice

        76 students earned 25 or more points

           for those 76 the average was 35.6 (59.3%)


        78 students earned 22 or more points

           for those 78 the average was 34.9 (53.7%)

    multiple choice grades      problem grades

Overall averages

        95 students took all four tests

           for these 95 students

             the final HW average is  8.6  points 

           the final quiz average is  7.6  points 

           the final test average is 57.4% (45.9 points)

          and the overall average is 62.1  points

Note that the overall average includes all students who took
four tests.  The test average is computed by dropping the
lowest MC section and the lowest problem section for each 
student (except one section of test 4 must be kept), computing 
each student's average, and then computing a global average 
for all 76 students.  With this final average, the final grade
scale is

                     43.4  -  53.6     D
                     53.7  -  65.8     C
                     65.9  -  77.7     B

with below 43.4 as E and above 77.7 as A.  The final scale was
selected so as to find gaps in the distribution.  With the scale
as given above the highest E is 42.3, the lowest D is 43.4, the
the highest D is 52.7, the lowest C is 53.7, the highest C is
64.9, the lowest B is 65.9, the highest B is 77.0, and the lowest
A is 77.8.  The smallest gap is 0.8 points between B and A.
Grades were assigned strictly based on this scale.

     Be sure to check your TA's computation of your final grade.
If you find a significant error, please contact me or your TA.  
You may also collect your Test 4 by contacting your TA.  Please
note that I will be off campus until Monday Aug. 12.  For 
information on how to figure your final grade see


Here is the grade distribution for those 76 students:
You can also view the grades as a text file:
131 grades