121 Syllabus

First Summer Session 2003

     PHY-121 is the first part of a three-semester sequence in introductory physics offered to engineering and other science and pre-professional majors. The prerequisite for PHY-121 is MAT-270. A working familiarity with basic differential and integral calculus will be assumed.

     PHY-121 covers the subject of Newtonian mechanics including kinematics (the description of motion), and dynamics (the relation of motion to force and mass). Among the most important topics are Newton's Laws of Motion and the conservation of momentum and energy. Other topics are rotational kinematics and dynamics, Newtonian gravitation, and simple harmonic motion. A detailed list of topics can be found on the Homework and Lecture Schedule which accompanies this syllabus.

     The textbook is Fundamentals of Physics, by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker, Sixth Edition, (John Wiley & Sons, 2001.) Reading assignments and homework problems are keyed to this textbook. The Problem Supplement #1 is optional; any problems assigned from that book will also be made available on the web.

The full text of the syllabus is also available as a pdf file.

Course Format and Policies
Homework and Lecture Schedule
Reading Schedule

Online Problems June 2 - June 6 <> June 10 - June 16
June 18 - June 24 <> June 26 - July 2
Derivations: Parallel Axis Theorem
Course Updates 7/04 Test 4 Retrieval and Key
Answers to Even-Numbered Problems

Textbook Sites - Lots of practice MC questions here
Online Tutorials - interactive instruction

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