132 Syllabus    

Second Summer Session 2008

     PHY-132 is the 1-credit laboratory course accompanying PHY-131, University Physics I, which covers the subject of Electricity and Magnetism. PHY-131 must be taken at the same time as (or either before) PHY-132.

     For logistical and economical reasons the material covered in the two courses is not coordinated in time. The expectation is that, over the course of the term, material learned in one course will enhance the understanding of the material received in the other.

The full text of the syllabus is also available as a pdf file.

Lab Format and Policies
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     The manual for this laboratory is entirely online. You are responsible for downloading these pages, reading them beforehand, and bringing them with you to the appropriate lab. DO NOT PRINT OUT YOUR LABS ON THE PRINTERS IN THE LAB ROOMS. These files are in pdf format. The free Adobe Acrobat pdf reader is available here.

     You are expected to know some elementary ideas about distributions and samples. For example, you should know what a histogram is; you should know what standard deviation is, and how to find it, BY HAND if you are asked. If you don't know these things, then you will need to read these introductory pages. At least one person in your group should have these pages available as reference material while you are working on your labs.

Data Analysis Part 1 9 pages - histograms and uncertainty
                        Part 2 9 pages - error propagation and significant figures
                        Part 3 1 page - significant figures (addendum to part 2)
Graphical Analysis 5 pages - guide to GA including outdated access page
Access from Campus PC's 1 page - supercedes 5th page of GA guide - updated 8/22/05
Graphical Analysis Manual from Vernier Software - Optional
Curve Fitting 7 pages
Log-Log Fits 1 page

     Here are the instructions for the 10 labs that we do in the summer. You are responsible for bringing these with you to each lab (except for LAB 1 - OSCILLOSCOPE which will be provided in the lab rooms). DO NOT PRINT OUT YOUR LABS ON THE PRINTERS IN THE LAB ROOMS. Note: Some of the instructions include a pre-lab quiz. You may ignore these; however, sometimes these make good material for interview questions.

SUMMER LAB 1 <> 3 pages
SUMMER LABS 2-3 <> (on a rotating schedule)
Ohm's Law 4 pages
Electric Potential and Electric Fields 4 pages
SUMMER LABS 4-5 <> (on a rotating schedule)
Electric Power - DC Circuits 3 pages
Capacitors 3 pages
SUMMER LABS 6-7 <> (on a rotating schedule)
Magnetic Fields 7 pages
Current Balance 4 pages
SUMMER LABS 8-9 <> (on a rotating schedule)
Faraday's Law 4 pages
RC Time Constant 6 pages
SUMMER LAB 10 <> 5 pages
LRC Circuit (Phases)

How to Read a Vernier Caliper
Graphical Analysis Demo and Manual from Vernier Software


Lab 10 Grades and Overall Grades Now Available
10:40 A
10:40 B
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