8/09  I have made slight changes to the topics
      and reading list for the last two lectures.
      Here are the new topics and the associated
      reading from Serway:

 24. F 8/10 Q Properties and Intensity of EM Waves  34: 2,4
 25. M 8/13 Q The Electromagnetic Spectrum          34: 7

      These changes have already been made on our
      class webpage.  Thanks.  GBA

7/15  Instead of 15 questions, the MC tests this
      summer will have about 12 questions.  Also,
      the weighting of the MC part of our tests
      has been reduced from 45% to 40%.  The
      weighting of our lecture quizzes has been
      increased from 35% to 40%.  Thanks.  GBA

6/26  No Updates Yet