Test Questions WITH WEBASSIGN

    Please, never use your browser's BACK button in the
  middle of an WebAssign session.  The system is
  designed to only move in the forward direction.

    The way things are set up at this time, you will have
  three opportunities to answer each question on a PRACTICE
  TEST, but only ONE chance to answer each question on one
  of the actual tests for a grade.  The PRACTICE tests have
  no time limit, but the actual tests have a one hour
  time limit to answer the 15 questions.  The PRACTICE
  tests may be taken anywhere, but the actual tests must
  be taken on the computers in the physics testing center
  in PSH-563.  For the PRACTICE test, you may submit one
  question at a time, but for the actual test you must
  submit all 15 questions at once.  When taking the
  actual test, do NOT hit the SUBMIT button unless you
  have filled in the answers to all 15 questions.