In the summer, Help Study is your most valuable 
resource.  It is open four hours per day (except 
test days) in PSH-352, from 11:00 until 3:00.  
Please take advantage of this resource.  Get in 
a study group with students from your recitation
and/or lab and do the daily HW assignments 
together in Help Study.
My office hours will be in the Help-Study room
everyday (except test days) from 12:00 until
1:00.  Your TAs will also have their office hours
in the Help-Study room. Any personal issues will 
be handled in my office, PSH-551, which is

TA Help-Study Schedule
Jeffrey Hyde    11 AM - Noon
Gary Adams       Noon - 1 PM
Subir Sabharwal  1 PM - 2 PM
Bryce Davis      2 PM - 3 PM


Due to scheduling conflicts, there may be
adjustments to the Help-Study schedule:

            None so far