This page lists the four options for purchasing a textbook
and online HW system.

The Cheapest Option which Includes Serway and Jewett
Electronic Text with WebAssign

The Cheapest Hardcopy Option - all the text except the HW problems
Hybrid Text with Enhanced WebAssign

The Full Hardcopy Text and Problems - Volume 2 only
(only for students who want access to all the authors' HW problems -
 you still must buy Enhanced WebAssign access)
Volume 2 of Full Text

You may also choose to use a used version of a previous
edition of Serway and Jewett, or even a used version of
an introductory calculus-based physics text by another
author.  Reading assignments by page number will not be
provided in this case; you will be responsible for
reading the relevant sections.  In this case, you will
wish to choose the following option for WebAssign.

Enhanced WebAssign Only (with no Ebook)
This can also be purchased directly from the WebAssign
website with a credit card.
Enhanced WebAssign Only