122 Syllabus

First Summer Session 1997

PHY-122 is the is the 1-credit laboratory course accompanying PHY-121, University Physics I, which covers the subject of Introductory Mechanics. PHY-121 must be taken at the same time as (or either before) PHY-122.

For logistical and economical reasons the material covered in the two courses is not coordinated in time. The expectation is that, over the course of the term, material learned in one course will enhance the understanding of the material received in the other.

The manual for this laboratory is PHY 122 AND PHY 132 LABORATORY MANUAL, compiled by I.S.T. Tsong and published by the Department of Physics. It can be obtained from the University Book Store. However, the Introduction and Lab Report Example sections are supplanted, for this Summer Session offering, by the material in this Syllabus.

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Carl Covatto
James Corkins
Akash Bhatia