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A magnet levitating over a superconductor plate. (Image copyright Microsoft Corporation)


Superconductors are exactly what their name implies: materials that conduct electricity extremely well. When materials are cooled below their transition temperature, they exhibit zero resistance to electric current. Such materials are called superconductors. In addition, these materials are also strongly repelled by magnetic fields, thus making them useful in the production of magnetic levitation vehicles and MRIís.

Below are links to various sites on the web with information relating to superconductors. These sites have information about superconductors in general as well as applications of superconductors and miscellaneous other topics.



Basic Information Sites


Some Applications of Superconductors

Because superconductors are strongly repulsed by a magnetic field, they are a critical component of Maglev devices. Maglev trains, which can reach higher speeds than normal trains using the properties of superconductors, are currently being researched and tested around the world, such as the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line in Japan.


Superconductors in Industry

There are many companies developing products using superconductors, in the U.S. and abroad. Here are just a few with informative web sites.


Further Reference

This page is meant to be a place for one to start learning about superconductors. Many of the aforementioned sites have links to other pages with further information. There are also many other resources such as scientific journals and textbooks that one can use to further familiarize himself with the field of study.