Here is the best Open Source free online physics
textbook.  It is most appropriate for PHY 111-112
students.  Unfortunately, it does not provide a
nice set of practice tests:

OpenStax College Physics

Here are some decent questions at the PHY101 level.
The question sets, apart from the energy section,
seem to be largely error-free; however, in some
cases the concepts go beyond what you need to
understand in PHY101:

Review Sessions at the Physics Classroom

Minds on Physics Requires Shockwave

Here are some decent questions at the PHY101 level;
however, there are some errors and some of the
questions go beyond the PHY101 level:

Physics Lessons Quiz Zone

Here are some nice, mostly conceptual, questions
most appropriate for PHY 111-112 students, but
also PHY 121-131 students would find them useful:

SAT Physics Practice Test

Here is an extensive set of practice questions
from Cutnell and Johnson; these are mostly
excellent and are most appropriate for PHY111
and PHY112 students.  See the Self-Assessment
Tests under Browse by Resource:

Cutnell & Johnson 6th Ed

 Below this line, most of links are old, and
 are probably not in working order.  If you
 find new locations for any of these sites,
 or if you find other good physics practice
 test questions, please let me know.  Thanks
 much.  GBA
  Within the links below, the Cutnell and Johnson
6th Edition "Self-Assessment Tests" are good practice,
but those questions are a bit inconvenient as they
come one at a time; still they are highly recommended
for PHY111 students.  The Cutnell and Johnson 5th
Edition "Practice Chapter Quizzes" and the MC
questions on the Giancoli Sites (the Practice
Questions for each chapter) are both good practice
for PHY111 students (and offer good quick conceptual 
checks for 121-131 students), and both offer 15-20
questions at a time.  

  WARNING:  I have not checked every question on these
alternate textbook sites.  There will certainly be some
errors.  For example, in the C&J 6th edition Self
Assessment Test 4.3, Question 7 accepts the wrong answer
(the right answer is 1034 N).  But these errors are 
expected to be rare.  GBA

  The Serway sites are working properly, but the
practice questions from the Halliday, Resnick, and
Walker site seem to have been permanently removed.
Both the Serway sites and the Tipler site have MC
questions that are more like our HW problems than
our MC questions; I do not recommend those.  

Please let me know if you find other sites with good
practice MC questions.  GBA 

Algebra-Based Giancoli<>Serway & Faughn
                           Cutnell & Johnson 6th Ed 5th Ed
Calculus-Based Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
                             Giancoli<>Serway & Jewett

The University of Oregon Physics Problems

Decent randomly-generated MC quizzes on introductory topics in mechanics are available at

Dr. Robin Jordan's Class WebPage

Concentrate on the conceptual questions; those are the ones you are most likely to see on my tests. A good quiz on SHM can be found at the SHM link on my

Online Tutorial page.