Follow these instructions to check if your Turning Point
 registration for our class is complete and correct.
 Thanks. GBA

   1. Go to your Turning Point account.  For this check,
      you may either go to your account through Blackboard
      (see the instructions for Step 1 on our Registration
      webpage), or you may go directly to your TP account

   2. Make sure you are on the Dashboard of your Turning
      Point account page (see the menu on the left side 
      of that page), and then verify that your account
      is connected to ASU Blackboard.  On your Dashboard
      page, you should see the following:

If you see in the LMS links, as is shown in this sample, then your account has successfully been connected with ASU Blackboard. If your account is not connected, you must now return to Step 1 of our License and Registration page. 3. Now go from Dashboard to Profile using the menu on your Turning Point account page, and open User Information. Check that your First Name and Last Name are your official ASU first and last names. Now double-check that your User ID is your ASU Posting ID. Your ASU Posting ID has 4 digits, followed by a HYPHEN, followed by 3 digits. PLEASE DO NOT GUESS. Please view the sample. If your ASU Posting ID is misentered , then your Turning Point grades will never be posted to my online gradebook. Use this link to discover your ASU Posting ID. Thanks. GBA Here is a sample, correctly-entered, profile for an invented student by the name of John B. Goode, and with an invented ASU Posting ID of 7934-267. 4. Now go to Manage Licenses within Profile. Check that your ResponseWare License is active with an Expiration date which is after our class ends. If all that you see under License is Add a License, then you still must buy and redeem your Turning Point License. 5. Now go to Manage Response Devices within Profile. If you plan to use a clicker to answer questions in our class, then it must be registered here. If all that you see is Add a Device, then the answers that you enter with your Clicker in our class will be ignored by the system, and not reported to me. To add a Device ID for a clicker, select Add a Device, then enter your ResponseCard ID as found on back of your clicker. Device IDs use UPPERCASE characters A-F and numbers 0-9 only. Device IDs for Clickers are six digits. EXAMPLE of INVALID ID EXAMPLE of VALID ID 001ad3 001AD3 6. If steps 2-5 are complete and correct, then your clicker or ResponseWare software should be able to successfully enter answers in our class and have them passed to my online gradebook. As a final check, take a look at the TP grades on our class webpage every SUN evening to make sure that your answers are being graded and passed to me. Thanks much, GBA.